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Sam James has revealed that his long anticipated debut EP will be released in early 2016.  On September 28, the lead track “Words To Life” will be available via all digital retailers globally.  James is an American original, deeply committed to expressing stories of his life through the power of lyrics.  These songs are the offspring of his love of Folk Music, and the impact that inspiration has had on his focus to reflect the last two years of his journey.  He openly articulates that following repeated trial and error, he has found himself and is keenly aware that determination yielded a true sense of originality.  His surroundings, and life as a hometown boy from Worcester, MA has shaped him as a man.  The industrial economy, and its hard working local populace, have had an impact on his drive to leave it all out on the stage during every live performance, with his intent to  stage great concerts that inspire those in attendance to relate to the lyrics and emotion of the work.